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Updated: 2008 April 3 AANC

Contact for information, suggestions, publicity for your Astronomy Day events: Kenneth Frank, AANC Vice President and Astronomy Day Coordinator kennethfrank@planitarium.net.

Astronomy Clubs can inform AANC about their Astronomy Day activities using the Astronomy Day Form (at the bottom of this page).

WHO: the AANC - Astronomical Association of Northern California. the umbrella organization for nearly 30 Northern California Astronomy clubs invites all astronomy clubs nationwide to join with us in celebrating an Astronomy Day.

WHAT: Astronomy Day is an opportunity to celebrate astronomy and share our Universe with the public. It's a good opportunity for astronomy clubs to make themselves known and recruit new members. Won't you join us?

WHERE: Updates of regional club activities, venues and plans are below. Each club and observatory, planetarium or science center may may schedule their own events, or include Astronomy activities in their ongoing programs.

WHEN: Astronomy Days from National Coordinator's Handbook http://www.astroleague.org/al/astroday/astroday.html

Year 1st Qrtr Moon Astronomy Week Astronomy Day Days from New Moon
2004 April 26 April 19-25 April 24 44%
2005 April 16 - Sat April 11-17 April 16 7
2006 May 5 - Fri April 30-May 7 May 6 8
2007 April 24 - Tue April 16-22 April 21 4
2007   AANC Conference Sep 29 - Sat Fall Astronomy Day*
2008 May 12 - Mon May 5-11 May 10 5
2008     Oct 4 - Sat Fall Astronomy Day*
2009 May 1 - Fri April 29-May 3 May 2 8
2010 April 21 - Wed April 19-25 April 24 10
2011 May 10 - Tue May 5-8 May 7 4
2012 April 30 - Mon April 23-29 April 28 5
2013 April 18 - Thu April 15-21 April 20 9
2014 May 7 -Wed May 5-11 May 10 10

Formula for Selection: Determine the date of the 1st quarter Moon from mid-April to Mid-May
If that is a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, select the preceding Saturday
If that is a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, select the next Saturday

Activities for Astronomy Day 2008:

If your astronomy club's activities are not listed below, you can inform AANC about them using the Astronomy Day Form at the bottom of this page. See Astronomy Day Archive to see entries from last year.

Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- Sonoma-|- South Bay -|- Stockton


Lawrence Hall of Science

LOCATION: University of California - Grizzly Peak Blvd and Centennial Rd
CITY: Berkeley

  • Planetarium Shows
    • 1:00 p.m. - Journey to the Moon (ages 4-7)
    • 2:15 p.m. - Colors from Space(6 yrs and up)
    • 3:30 p.m. - Constellations Tonight (6 yrs and up)
  • Meet friendly animals (Earth creatures) in Biology Lab, starting 1:30 pm.
  • The Bay View Cafe open 10 am - 3 pm.
  • Stargazing on LHS plaza 8 – 10 p.m.
  • www.lhs.berkeley.edu/planetarium/ for more information.
  • LHS - lhs.berkeley.edu


Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- South Bay -|- Stockton

Sacramento Valley:

Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society - http://www.svas.org/


Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- Sonoma-|- South Bay -|- Stockton

San Francisco and North Bay:

San Francisco Amateur Astronomers (SFAA) at the California Academy of Sciences 875 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 http://www.calacademy.org/
Randall Museum 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114 http://www.randallmuseum.org/index.cfm

Mt Tam Astronomy Programs http://www.mttam.net 
For driving directions, see the Mount Tamalpais State Park website: http://www.mttam.net/Default.aspx?tabid=845



Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- Sonoma-|- South Bay -|- Stockton


San Mateo County Astronomical Society (SMCAS) http://www.smcas.com Maps and directions to CSM can also be found at: http://gocsm.net/ (choose Contact Us)

Foothill College - Foothill College Observatory, 12345 El Monte Rd., Los Altos Hills, CA 94022


Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- Sonoma-|- South Bay -|- Stockton

Sonoma County:

Sonoma County Astronomical Society

LOCATION: Robert Ferguson Observatory
CITY: Kenwood

  • SCAS and the RFO docents will have the observatory open for solar and night viewing in Sugar Loaf State Park.
  • Also Lynn Anderson of SCAS will set up scopes in downtown Healdsburg @ North St.
  • sonomaskies.org (SCAS) and rfo.org (Robert Ferguson Observatory)

CONTACT PERSON: John Whitehouse/Colleen Ferguson

Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|- Peninsula -|- Sonoma-|- South Bay -|- Stockton

South Bay:

San Jose Astronomical Association - http://www.sjaa.net/

Eastbay -|- Sacramento Valley -|- San Francisco and North Bay -|-
Peninsula -|- South Bay -|- Stockton


Stockton Astronomical Society - http://astro.sci.uop.edu/~sas/

Astronomy Day is a day for bringing astronomy to the public. It was in April of 1973 that the first Astronomy Day was held. It had been suggested by then AANC President Doug Berger (still a member of the Eastbay Astronomical Society), at an AANC Board meeting held at Chabot Observatory.

Astronomy Day is now celebrated across the US and Canada. For more on the history of Astronomy Day, see the article "Where Astronomy Day Came From" (PDF file—200Kb) based on Don Saito’s email interview with Doug Berger, published in the EAS Reflector, April 2005.

The Astronomical Association of Northern California was founded to promote communication between astronomy clubs and to coordinate public events.



The Astronomical Association of Northern California (AANC) is asking lovers of astronomy in our area to do something to share our hobby with others. We hope that many clubs and individuals will help by promoting Astronomy Day. We hope to spread the word as widely as possible about where activities will be held.

If you are planning to do anything please let us know--
We would like to know AT LEAST:

  • WHEN (please tell about both daytime and nighttime activities)
  • WHAT
If you have a web site with information, we can both pull information from it. It's good if the press receives information about Astronomy Day from several sources so all clubs should also do some local publicity.

To submit Astronomy Day Info:

  1. Copy the text below (between the asterisk lines),
  2. Click on Kenneth Frank email: kennethfrank@planitarium.net
  3. Paste the text into your e-mail message box.
  4. Fill out the info and send the e-mail to Kenneth Frank as soon as possible.




ACTIVITY LOCATION (include address):





DESCRIPTION of activities:

[Make the description the way you would like it reported to the press. Include event times and relevant info (telescopes available, types of activities, etc)]




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